Employment Opportunities

Position posted September 25, 2017

Applicants accepted through November 3, 2017

The Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council and A Caregiver Network are pleased to be hiring an Outreach & Membership Specialist. This position is based on a part-time schedule of 5-10 hours per week @ $17-$20 per hour.

A Caregiver Network (ACGN) is a nonprofit organization founded for the purpose of raising the quality of child care through support and training opportunities. Our membership base is comprised of licensed family child care providers, licensed child care centers, and early childhood advocates.

We provide training for people interested in starting their own childcare, out of their home. We offer continuing education for early childhood providers who need professional development course hours to continue their child care licenses. For more information is available at www.caregivernetwork.org

Duties and responsibilities

This position includes, but is not limited to the following tasks:

  1. A. Serve as the key contact for all members and the board, all licensed and unlicensed (exempt) providers, the Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council and the community at-large.
  2. B. Recruit, increase and maintain the ACGN membership and renew current memberships.
  3. C. Provide information to the community on the family child care licensing process.
  4. D. Provide child care referrals to providers in the network and return calls from the referral phone line.
  5. E. Attend state and local level meetings that pertain to issues that impact ACGN members to include statewide, CAFCC meetings as a representative of ACGN.
  6. F. Gather monthly meeting agenda items from ACGN board members, prepare and distribute the meeting agenda to members.
  7. G. Assist with securing locations for meetings, trainings and events.
  8. H. Complete board minutes and distribute to the board and/or membership
  9. I. Send website updates to Pam Ball, as needed.
  10. J. Prepare monthly updates for the board.
  11. K. Create and distribute the bi-monthly electronic newsletter.
  12. L. Assist with development of the budget, organize fundraisers and apply for grants on behalf of ACGN. Help with obtaining 501c3 status.
  13. M. Work with the ACGN Board to schedule and provide training opportunities, through monthly meetings and Saturday workshops.
  14. N. Work with the ACGN Board to schedule and provide membership events.
  15. O. Coordinate registration and ongoing development of Stories and More and Make & Take Programs within the library systems.
  16. P. Other duties related to Colorado Shines to be determined.

Required Experience:

Applicants must have prior experience as a licensed home child care provider.

This is an opportunity to work remotely, from home. The position includes 4% match in the employer sponsored 401k. Employee would be eligible to participate at their own expense in the ACECC medical, dental and vision benefits plan, at our group rate.

Other associated costs and benefits will be discussed during the interview.

To apply please email a letter of interest and resume to: Chris Logue at chris@acecc.org