Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council

The Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council (ACECC) is one of thirty-one Early Childhood Councils in the State of Colorado.

The local Early Childhood Councils provide an efficient, community-based infrastructure to support a state-wide early childhood system. They are rooted in the values of community, collaboration and leadership on behalf of children from birth through age eight. They are working together as an innovative network that links practice to policy and child to community.

The Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council is composed of community leaders from early care and education, health, mental health and family support programs, working together toward comprehensive, systemic goals to meet the needs of providers, parents and children.

Supporting a Safe, Smart and Healthy Start for young children and their families.

ACECC is guided by the Early Childhood Colorado Framework as part of our strategic plan. The Framework is a shared vision for Colorado’s young children and their families.  It guides planning and mobilizes action to ensure all children are valued, healthy and thriving. The Framework is embraced by the Early Childhood Leadership Commission, foundations, state agencies, nonprofits and early childhood stakeholders across Colorado.